Wilmington – Whiteface Race Weekend: Dizzying climbs, terrifying lows, creamy ice cream middles


The Wilmington-Whiteface road race is composed of two parts: first, the road race, finishing partway up Whiteface mountain after an insano 2km climb. So they really know how to make sure you have your zombie suffer face on when you finish (see photo of Matt below). The competition in all categories was stiff; small fields, tiger parents yelling at their juniors, fast masters on their zillion dollar rides. This took place under a blistering hot 34 degree sunny day. Second day, the temperatures plummeted to 9 degrees and poured rain, just right for a fast, rolling circuit race.

But best of all, the course and the town of Wilmington itself. The course rolls, has two big climbs, smooth paved roads we don’t see at home, and huge scenery. The town is small, very welcoming and chock full of old-timey ice cream shops, and a great beach. The road trip down was easy with loads of cool diners and things to see. The only negative thing to say about it all was the fact that the epic MTB race (100kms to qualify for Leadville) and 11-mile uphill road race challenge (all part of Wilmington bike fest) is next weekend. It’d be amazing to get a bunch down for either weekend next year.

Good times were had by all, especially Matt’s heroic surge (surge…Surch? Eh eh?) for the podium at a 12% incline (finishing 5th), Steve Chapman’s 2nd in the circuit race, and Gia Rinaldi’s second place finish in the road race! Wheee! Ice cream for all.