Putting Down Roots: OMBA Seeks to Build a Bike Park in Ottawa

I woke up to great news this morning: the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association (OMBA) is well on the path toward securing approval and support to build an outdoor bike park at Carlington Park. The vision is bright and well conceived; the FREE park would be an incredible resource for all ages to learn and hone bike skills. Obviously, this is great from a recreation perspective, but the added benefit is that developing skills in this sort of setting translates to more skilful riders out on the streets. Kids in particular need a car-free environment to learn how to handle their bikes well and with confidence, and this is what a bike park can provide.

Please take a read of OMBA’s update on the project and share the information with anyone you know who might be interested, and/or is a resident of the River Ward. The Carlington Community Association is taking community comments on the proposal, so please help get the word out. Exciting times!

Thank you to everyone at OMBA who has been working hard on this project!

Here’s OMBA’s message:

Exciting news!
As some of you may have heard, OMBA has been advocating for a bike park in Ottawa. This has been a long process involving the creation of a proposal for the City and extensive consultation with them to determine an appropriate location, and plan the development and maintenance of this type of facility.

Our vision is to develop a bike park with a pump-track, skills area, dirt jumps, and trails designed for riders of all levels that is centrally located within the city and accessible to all free of charge. The features would not only be fun and safe but also aesthetically pleasing and built using sustainable, environmentally conscious practices.

After considering a number of potential sites, OMBA and the Department of Parks and Recreation for the City concluded that Carlington Park would be ideal for this project.

This year Parks & Recreation and Councillor Brockington (of River Ward) have expressed interest in moving forward with this project depending on public interest. Because Carlington Park is such a valuable resource to the communities that surround it, OMBA was invited to present the proposal to the Carlington Community Association (CCA) at a couple of their meetings. Our goal was to tell members of the community about our vision for the park, answer questions and begin public consultation.

The presentation slides can viewed here:


The CCA board of directors is looking for feedback from the community before formalizing a stance on the proposal at their AGM on May 25th.

If you are a resident of that area or a member of the CCA, please let them know how you feel about this proposal by:
– email: president@carlingtoncommunity.org
– mail: Carlington Community Association
c/o Alexander Community Centre
960 Silver Street,
Ottawa, ON K1Z 6H5

If you would like to contact OMBA about this proposal you can email us at

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