How the Race was Won: GP Saint Agathe

May 24, 2015


Out goes Wilmington-Whiteface, in comes the GP Saint Agathe as the hardest road race I’ve done. Two 30km out and backs on a road that goes nowhere, with grades up to 11% made the race hard enough, but the 40kph gusts of wind made it even harder. The Garneau‬ team man-handled the race, placing 1,2,3,5 in the end, with Bruno Langois on the top step. I was in the chase group of 6 guys with two of them, and got popped on one of the two longest climbs. From there, it was a 20k time trial to try to claw back on – ya gotta try! – and ensure the pack did not catch me. Sure was glad to have a bunch of marginal‬ gains working for me…. 14th at the end of the day, no regrets.