Double Cross 2015: Recap

The dust has settled, and Double Cross 2015 is in the books. A robust showing of about 55 riders on Thanksgiving Monday were treated to one of the most beautiful Thanksgiving rides anyone has ever undertaken in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Everyone seemed in high spirits, as the generosity that flowed before we kicked off was both astonishing and heartening. $900 we collected, all of which goes straight to Trips for Kids Ottawa. Thank you, everyone, the money will be put to good use!

Hitting a high of 23 degrees Celcius mid-day, and starting off around 18, it was a day to leave the knee warmers at home, and rock a long-sleeve jersey, if that. Mellow Mad Alchemy embrocation was perfect all day!

Since we were enjoying a bit of an ‘Indian summer’ through Double Cross, leaves had just begun to fall. Consequently, in contrast to 2014, when they had already been down for long enough to get chewed up by traffic, Thanksgiving saw the trails carpeted thickly enough to conceal many a nasty rock. So….it was a bit of a Double Flat, or Flatapalooza kind of day. The group of 6 or so I rode with all day took about 6 flats, and none of us were on silly tires. In fact, I even punctured my 2″ rear tire, though I think I had a slow leak that simply went down low enough to allow for a pinch, truth be told. Matteo Dal Cin somehow managed to make it to Wakefield on 28mm slicks…incredible! He took the ‘high road’ home, pavement!

As always, Pipolinka was ready and waiting for us, serving up hot coffee and treats to all comers. Meanwhile, MobiVelo was in the wings selling many a tube to riders in need. Thanks for coming, Jonathan!

Aside from the multitude of flats, it seemed the day unfolded with little drama. I had a great day of testing the Stafast suspension stem mounted to my Niner with drop bars. A few heavy impacts up front were taken with aplomb!

Opportunities to get together and do a big ride are few and far between in the fall, so it was fantastic to see Double Cross continue to draw lots of enthusiastic riders, and expose many to new riding options. While it would be nice to change the route up for variety, with the time constraints folks tend to have on Thanksgiving, it seems wise to keep doing what we’re doing. But if you’ve got ideas about how we might make DC better, let us know!

And now, back to cyclocross!