About Us

Teknecycling.com is foremost a cycling website with a simple mission: to share our passion for cycling in ways that enrich and expand that of others. Beyond the bike, teknecycling is about taking what we learn on the bike into other aspects of life. It is about living well.

Teknecycling.com is home to Tekné Cycle Club, which is composed of a diverse group of riders, from Cadet to Master, who share a passion for cycling and a common perspective on what matters: camaraderie, community, generosity and audacity. Many of us race, some of us don’t. We ride together. We support each other. We give back to the community.


Tekné is an ancient concept no less relevant today than two thousand years ago. Typically spelled techne, the ancient Greek term translates to craft or art of making or doing. Its about embodied knowledge and understanding, in contrast to episteme, which is what we tend to think of as ‘theoretical’ knowledge or understanding. Aristotle wrote a fair bit about this distinction when discussing practical versus theoretical knowledge.

Tekné permeates everything we do with intention. It is to practice as reason is to rhyme. It is mindfulness brought to how we move our bodies in space. It is how we incorporate our tools – bikes – into our movement and expression.

Tekné is pedaling because pedaling feels good. Tekné is knowing that there are many ways to pedal. Tekné is caring about the arc of the turn. Tekné is the feeling of a seamless, rhythmic, echelon. Tekné is finding an edge and railing it. Tekné is appreciating how others manifest souplesse. Tekné is the embrace of the human drive to strive, improve, refine, and share lessons learned. Tekné is respect, not reverence, for tradition. Tekné is personal and social.

Tekné is our organizing principle. It is what unites us. It drives us. It is what makes cycling beautiful.

Tekné is why we ride.

What is Tekné Cycle Club’s purpose?

The purpose of the Club is multifaceted. The core ‘organizing principle’ is that we are a group of people who want to have fun with cycling. Fun is defined differently for different people, but everyone is passionate about cycling. Many race, and find training really hard with others fun. Others don’t race, and find mellower rides fun. We all strive to improve ourselves, and to practice cyclingtogether. Part of doing things together extends beyond our club, and into the community. So, we’re not about being insular, but contributing to the growth of cycling in the region – because it’s an amazing sport – and sharing some of the aspects of the practice that we feel are really enriching, like some of the routes we ride (see Ride of the Damned, Double Cross).

Club Membership

This is somewhat nuanced, and builds on the ideas above. The key requirement we have for membership is character. We only want to bring people into the club who are of character. Why? Because being a club member means everyone wants to spend time riding, traveling, and racing together. We have to respect and trust each other. Folks who are looking for a ‘race team’ in order to progress in their ‘career’ and then move along are not the sort of folks we are looking for. We invite in folks who we’ve come to know by doing the same sorts of riding, racing, and events we do. New members have to be nominated by an existing member, endorsed by two other members, then approved by our board of directors.
We have a ‘no ass-holes’ policy, which this process is intended to support. When we consider a new member, we always ask ourselves whether the prospective member would have people in the group at their ability level to ride with, whether others would want to ride with them, and whether they’d contribute to our events and the cycling community.